Explore bespoke financial scaling solutions in raising capital & debt. 

Why Rise...

Acceleration and Time Saving

Simultaneously speed up the process of your cap raise whilst saving your own time. Fundraising is a full time job, Bloomberg estimates that up to 80% of a c-suites day will be consumed during a funding round. Our bespoke solution eradicates up to 90% of time spent by executives on fundraising, leaving you to continue to building your business.

Unlock Extensive Investor Access

Our reputation is built on customer service and quality opportunities. Our investment community of several hundred institutional and professional investors, value our expertise & stamp of approval which opens the door and provides access for our Raisers. We vow to prepare you and to make the connections, but you as the founder have to seal the deal.

Mission Aligned Strategic Connections

Our commitment is to connect aligned strategic investment partnerships. Through qualifying requirements, we marry the right investors with the your business, securing more than just capital, but strategic impact including: resource, experience & market access all unlocking competitive advantages.

Advising and Investment Consulting

Capital raising is our forte, we provide expert support in all things raising, from decks to legal’s, financial modeling to pitching. We understand the market conditions & use that to align your value proposition to match investor expectations, reducing pressure, helping you navigate a complex and emotional journey.

The Value for Raisers

Our bespoke value adding solution enables founders to Rise through the ranks.


Our bespoke solution identifies the ideal impact investors for you


Access our syndicate of hundreds of equity inclined investors

Our Network

Access our ecosystem of founders, service providers and experts


Lean on our team and network expertise to deliver your desired value

The Team

Fundraising is hard work, relax, we'll do the heavy lifting and put you on track

Cost Effective

Tiered Fee structure between 3.0-4.5%, the lowest rates around

- How We Work

A bespoke approach

01 – Understanding You

Rise take a strategic, tailored approach for every company we work with – no two businesses are the same: We need to understand your requirements and your business.

We explore your fundraising requirements and nurture our understanding of your business so we can create a bespoke funding solution for you. 

04 – Prepare

Once we have scoped the proposition, The Rise team will strategize internally, reviewing the requirements of Raisers and generate an approach which best suits the founders & maximises potential.  

Here we go through the core advisory aspect of the raise, helping with pitches, research, advising on decks & financials etc. Lastly, we create our marketing assets & build a bespoke go-to-market strategy.

02 – Due Diligence

As a regulated and reputable investment firm, Rise Ventures carry out due diligence to ensure the founders and opportunities we represent match our brand values and pose as a legitimate investment opportunity from our community of investment partners. 

This process takes between 2 and 6 weeks depending on readiness of documentation and stage of business. 

05 – Launch

After building out the campaign assets and have a detailed understanding of the business, now we have identify and target our specific investment partners that have aligned thesis, but are also the mission aligned value adding investors that we desire.

We engage them and discuss the proposition to a high level, then we make these meaningful connections, and then it is up to you!

03 – Scope

Once we have decided we would like proceed with representation after evaluating our ability to execute a success capital raise; the investment team will sit down with your senior leadership team and dig into the proposition in detail. 

This is so that we can get a granular understanding of what makes your business a special opportunity to enable us to communicate this to our investors effectively and sell your dream.

06 – Deliver

Finally we get to the best part, the execution of the capital raise. 

While the raise comes to fruition and we have identified and connected our raisers with the best mission aligned investment partners who we aim to bring in as investors in this round. We will review term sheets, help negotiate terms and support on any legal documentation and requirements. From phase 1 of Understanding all the way through to Delivery, this time-frame is between 3-6 months.

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Investor Partners

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Network Partnerships

Some Past Raisers

Our Expertise

What are the possibilities?

Capital Raise

Capital Raising, or better known as equity fundraising is Rise's bread and butter. Tell us about your journey and the objectives of your funding round and we will tailor a bespoke solution to get your big idea in front of the correct investors. Cut down on investment discussions that don't match up, and synergize with investors who share your vision.

Venture Debt Solutions

Releasing equity is not at the forefront of every founders vision. Rise Ventures have partnerships with various debt solution providers to ensure we can offer a well rounded funding solution. Whether it's pure debt, or a blend of both solutions; Rise help you strategize your approach to ensure you get a funding solution which suits your vision and position.

Raiser Network

We believe being well connected is the first step to success. It saves you time and it saves you effort. That is why we want to share the Rise Network, our community of trusted partners with you. The connections you make through it will be invaluable as you develop – whether you are a raiser or an investor.


Congratulations, you are funded! But it doesn't end here, let's start planning for the future. Your account manager will always be at hand to strategize and timeline your next raise, pro-activeness for future rounds is key.


Got a big idea but not sure where to start? We are always here to help new founders find their feet in the entrepreneurial world by offering support to those who require it. We partner with Accelerators and Incubators throughout the UK to ensure all innovative ventures get the support they need to flourish.


All Raisers and Investors get access to our quarterly pitch and network event where you can meet other founders and extend your network with likeminded individuals. Get the opportunity to pitch to our investment panel which is also livestreamed to an extended audience to boost the visibility of your campaign. Get in touch to find out when our next event takes place.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If you are looking to raise funds through our platform, you will need to comply with the following criteria:

  • You should be looking to raise between £500k - £50M
  • You should be registered and have your HQ in the UK
  • You must be a Private Limited Company
  • You must have a visible online presence or via an app
  • You must complete our enhanced due diligence process

We offer superior value for money and added business value for raisers. In return, we have a high entry criteria.