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“Begin, be bold, and Venture to be wise.”

Rise Ventures was founded on the belief that in order for mankind to improve and meet sustainable goals. It is imperative that companies striving to make environmental and social change must be supported strategically and financially in order for innovation to solve any problems that civilisation face. 

We believe that investing should not just be financially rewarding, it should also be about supporting sustainable, socially conscious and responsible ventures. That’s why we work with investors and raisers who reflect our values.

We know that being socially responsible and making a profit are not mutually exclusive, this is why we identify growing businesses with strong values and big dreams, partner with them to help them scale & achieve the exceptional. 

Howard Mears

CEO & Co-Founder

Howard’s career roots stem from SME finance and strategic development, in peer-to-peer lending & private equity. This inspired a passion for facilitating business development and catalysing success.

Formerly a salesman and consultant, he has a hand on approach striving to revolutionize the early-stage private markets investments industry. Enter Rise Ventures. His parents were small business owners, sparking his motivation to establish Rise, where he could instil positive and institutional change.

Howard realises his commitment through his vision of generating business, implementing strategy, nurturing & increasing partnerships, all to ensure short and long term goals are accomplished. 

“To me Rise is not just a business, it’s a community, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and dreamers sharing limitlessly inclusive opportunities. 

We are an infrastructure advancing the economic and environmental landscape of our future by unlocking and championing diverse innovation.”

Liam Allwood

COO & Co-Founder

With a background in business strategy and entrepreneurship, Liam drives the ‘Raiser’ side of Rise Ventures. His depth of understanding through the initial growth stages of a business aid Rise to identify opportunities that not only match up with investment metrics, but also meet our brand vision and values. 

Liam’s consultative and strategic approach to business aids Founders to understand the investment lifecycle, and how to best position and plan current and future funding rounds.

His career started as a full time athlete competing on the world stage in the sport of Canoe Slalom. Racing down natural rivers in remote locations built a strong passion for a clean and sustainable environment, a passion which he has since implemented into his personal entrepreneurial vision. 

“What I love most about Rise is that we have the opportunity to speak to Founders on a daily basis who are so passionate about creating a better world for all to enjoy. The diversity of ideas and innovative, futuristic design makes every day different and an exciting experience for the whole team.”

A collaborative team approach

The Rise approach is different to traditional ‘Big City’ business finance. We offer Raisers and Investors a team approach, where we invest time and develop an understanding of our clients requirements to ensure that we offer a bespoke solution prioritising Openness, Transparency, and Efficiency.

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